Finding the best gas range is hard

My dear Readers,

We are already over our anniversary and everything went I as I planned. It was great!

After that big day, we planned that we are going to build an outhouse where our children could play and later where they could throw parties (if they want of course – we won’t force that idea).

We agreed on, that my husband is going to choose and create the appearance of the new building, furthermore he can choose how the architecture part is going to be, while I can create the inner part of the outhouse.

We are going to start the work in the beginning of March, so we have to hurry with the planning.

We want to make 2 separate bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. To make it happen we will need some furniture and appliance. We are going to buy new furniture there, but the apparatus is going to be the old ones from our main building. Our children won’t use them as regular as I do. So the new appliance is going to my kitchen.

Kitchen stove is burning

Kitchen stove is burning

This is the hardest and the most gorgeous part of the whole process. I wanted it so long, that I can’t even remember. So, it is my turn to find the pieces of my new kitchen. I already chose the best fridge, microwave oven and some small devices, but the hardest decision is still ahead.

I really-really want a new gas range, since the one I use is about 15 years old. I love to cook and I know that with a new oven it is much easier. But that make it even harder – I have high expectations. To find a good gas range is a little bit much complicated than 15 years ago. There are more than 100 different brand, and God knows which is the better. Over 50 different type of ovens won’t help either.

This is why I visited some review site – to deepen my knowledge. It helped a lot. I already could narrow the search to 2 gas range. Now all I have to do is to find out which is the best gas range in the market. The one from GE or the one from LG. I’m still looking for some other comments and reviews, but I’m sure that I’ll find the most suitable soon.

Or maybe until my husband finish the outhouse…